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Interview: Litmus CEO Paul Farnell on Microsoft partnership

Recently in an industry-first, a Litmus Microsoft partnership was announced to improve the Outlook email client experience across many platforms. Right

Litmus Microsoft partnership announced to improve Outlook email experience

At the Litmus Live event today, a Litmus Microsoft partnership was announced to improve Outlook email experience. The goal is to

Litmus introduces email marketing jobs board

Litmus has introduced its own email marketing jobs board. In a blog article, Jason Rodriguez of Litmus introduced the new

Curated: digest newsletters with curated content

In a recent email Litmus CEO Paul Farnell introduced Curated: a platform for collecting and curating content and then publishing

2015 state of email report by Litmus released

Litmus has released a 2015 state of email report. The report gives answers to questions marketers have like: Will my

Litmus email client stats: 53% opens on mobile, Outlook drops 33%

Litmus has posted an updated to their email client stats. The company tracks all email opens on their platform on

Email on Acid adds new email client tests

Email on Acid, the email campaign test company, has added new email client tests. The new email clients and devices that

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