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Funny video – Email in real life

Have you ever wondered what email in real life would be like? The cc’s, the attachements, the signatures? Surely you

Did you get my email? Email comic

Because your inbox, work or personal, is -your- inbox, you sometimes feel like certain emails from certain people don’t belong

Morning Mail app for iOS: one email at a time

The Morning Mail app is a new app for iOS that promises one email at a time. For now, the

Daimler employees can auto-delete emails during vacation

The latest in inbox overload, and therefor inbox management: having your inbox auto-delete emails when on vacation. This is the

Want to receive less email?

Want to receive less email? That was the subject line of an email I recently received from a travel/hotel website

IBM Mail Next: the next gen webmail client

Recently at the IBM Connect event in Florida, the new IBM Mail Next webmail client was launched. The new webmail

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