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ExactTarget announces HubExchange Week, intros app exchange

HubExchange Week has been announced by ExactTarget: five days of global meetups and virtual sessions to celebrate the arrival of the

ExactTarget Email Swipe File on Pinterest

Short on ideas for email designs? Be sure to check out the Email Swipe File on Pinterest then. Created and

Salesforce acquires ExactTarget for $2.5 billion

Salesforce acquires ExactTarget for $2.5 billion according to a press statement. ExactTarget is an industry leader in marketing automation, while

ExactTarget revenue Q1 2013: loss of $11.6 million

ExactTarget revenue figures have been published for Q1 2013 a few days ago. Reported results for the first quarter are

ExactTarget Acquires Pardot and iGoDigital

Online marketing giant ExactTarget acquires Pardot and iGoDigital,  announced their CEO Scott Dorsey yesterday on their corporate blog. The acquisition

ExactTarget IPO: raising $161.5 million selling 8.5 million shares

ExactTarget, one of the biggest USA-based email service providers, sold its 8.5 million shares at $19 dollars each last week,

Insights into Social Break-up report by ExactTarget

I love it when a mainstream social media site, in this case none less than Mashable, dives into the combined