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Changes coming to more email marketing best practices

As recently noted on Twitter some changes are coming to These includes a focus on email marketing best practices and

Brand awareness in email marketing: consistency and quality win

Proper handling of brand awareness in email marketing is tough, but in today’s flooded inboxes, brand recognition is super important. If

Delta Airlines outage: crisis communication in a modern era

A power outage today at its headquarters has caused a Delta Airlines outage. This meant several passengers could not catch their

Your email marketing doesn’t suck: it just needs a few pointers

Over the years there’ve been a few ‘your email marketing sucks, here’s why’ posts. Posts like that are of course

Funny video – Email in real life

Have you ever wondered what email in real life would be like? The cc’s, the attachements, the signatures? Surely you

10 tips for subject line inspiration

If you wonder how to come up with a good subject line, then these 10 tips for subject line inspiration

Study: how millenials get news, email is biggest habit

When you talk about email usage by age, the younger demographic is often seen as non-adopters or using it only in

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