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Want to receive less email?

Want to receive less email? That was the subject line of an email I recently received from a travel/hotel website

Pulse welcome email: feeling welcome and getting started

Welcome email messages are very undervalued and underestimated even more. They’re not only (very probably) your best read email marketing

Pinterest email marketing: how do they do it themselves?

If you’ve wondered about Pinterest email marketing, here’s how they do it themselves. We’ve written about Pinterest’s emails before, but

Email marketing inspiration sub-site launched by MailChimp

MailChimp has created a new sub-site at with a vertical gallery promising some email marketing inspiration with the tagline

Email marketing design winner: Google Analytics

It might seem odd (or easy) to choose a non-promotional, non-retail email as this time’s email marketing design winner, but

Email marketing design winner: Case-Mate's Brights collection

Case-Mate is a company that provides cases and cover stuff for your beloved smartphones and tablets: they have a lot

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad: no email conversion optimization?

How would you go about introducing a new product in the Photoshop family if you were Adobe’s marketing department sending