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Email Marketing Design Week: Twitter

Some of the biggest commercial email senders are social media platforms: we’ve touched on that recently with a case about

Email Marketing Design Week: iTunes

Next up in the Email Marketing Design Week is the iTunes newsletter. It follows a pretty steady style: it is

Email Marketing Design Week: Litmus

Litmus is a company that is at the frontlines of email development. Be it about email clients, platforms, or design

Email Marketing Design Week: Chanel

Kicking off Email Marketing Design Week is an email sent recently by Chanel: specifically aimed at the male audience. Chanel’s

Announcement: Email Marketing Design Week

Next week we’ll be doing something special: it’s email marketing design week here at We will feature quite some

Email marketing design winner: Anthropologie uses reading directions

It’s been a while since we’ve covered using reading directions in email marketing: the last one was from GAP in

Email marketing design winner: Urban Outfitters

This week’s email marketing design winner is Urban Outfitters design of the Kaleidoscope dress email: The email keeps the site

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