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Email comic: urgent in subject line? Let's not

Using urgent in subject line? Let’s not, ok? As some of you may know, I’m a big fan of Dilbert

Email comic: heartbeat vs incoming email

Have you been overloaded with email lately? Does your inbox look more like 5,296 unread messages than inbox zero? The

Email comic: XKCD – file transfer

Have you ever struggled getting some files from A to B? This email comic by XKCD shows the many ways you

Email comic – The email cycle

Have you ever entered a seemingly infinite loop with your email? This email comic called the email cycle shows how

Email comic: email before the Internet

The Internet was invented in the early ’90s by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. That makes it about 20 years old. However,

Email comic: Enter your email address

How many times have you had to enter your email address twice for registration, verification, security check, whatever? It’s logical

Email comic: we do email marketing?

If this has happened to you during talks with senior management, it’s time to educate them on your company’s email

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