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Marketing comic – does your email answer the questions?

A new email marketing comic, centered around the end user receiving a marketing email. Remember, you have 4 seconds before

Figuring out what email is – XKCD email comic

Today’s email comic is from one of my favorite webcomics: XKCD. It’s a very nerdy, techy, philosophical webcomic run by

Attention span of a goldfish – email comic

“You have the attention span of a goldfish” is sometimes used for people who can’t keep focused on something. This

Did you get my email? Email comic

Because your inbox, work or personal, is -your- inbox, you sometimes feel like certain emails from certain people don’t belong

Email comic: we must be on a mailing list

Have you ever had the feeling your email address had landed on the ‘wrong’  mailing list? These guys in this

Email comic: Why phishing scams and spam still works

If you wonder why phishing scams and spam still work, Scott Adams recently posted a Dilbert comic that explains it

Email comic: entrepreneur fail – established tech company

Here’s an email comic from entrepreneur fail. Have you ever come across a very serious sounding (tech) company and came

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