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I've landed in the spam folder! What now?

Well not you yourself hopefully, but your email campaign actually. It happens to the best of the bunch, even to

I'm in yer Facebook, going Postmaster on yer emails

When introducing the new Facebook Messages system last week, Mark Zuckerberg pressed on that it would not be an email

Hotmail, Cisco, ReturnPath, Yahoo sued for blocking email

Two months ago Dela Quist posted on about a class action lawsuit waiting to happen: this is because certain

GMail, Yahoo web mail spam filters gone crazy?

From various people (which I will quote later on) I’ve seen mentions that their or other’s email campaigns have recently

MailChimp: Spammy email design whoopsies

Ben Chestnut over at MailChimp posted something quite interesting yesterday on some research they conducted on campaigns being sent through

Return Path: one in six emails goes missing in Europe

In a recent update to their In the Know blog the Return Path team notes that more and more commercial

Ralph Lauren: Informer – change of address

Ralph Lauren has very nicely designed emails, but they use the (pre) header text very well too.  This time something

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