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DMARC launched: standardizes email authentication

The (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) website launched two days ago with an official press release stating that fifteen of the

Return Path acquires OtherInbox

In a bid to improve the inbox experience Return Path acquires OtherInbox, an Austin based US company. Here’s the official email from

Email insight: how to lose your spam tag

As soon as my girlfriend tells people what I do for a living, people start saying ‘oh he’s a spammer’

Email news: blocklists, Spamhaus, email marketing census and permission

This weeks email news is mostly centered around blocklists/spam, permission, open rates and the state of the email marketing industry

Return Path launches Domain Assurance, an anti-phishing service

The email deliverability company Return Path has announced a new service called Domain Assurance which should help companies to aid

Goodmail Systems ends services on Feb 8th

According to, the Goodmail Systems company will end services this month. In just 5 days from now all services

MarketingSherpa posts chart: chief challenges on email marketing success

A new chart by MarketingSherpa shows the current chief challenges on email marketing success. One that jumps out as the

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