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Aweber app launched, shows subscriber stats, campaign results and engagement

The new Aweber app has been launched recently, allowing you to view subscriber and email stats everywhere. Here’s the overview

Lyris introduces new marketing automation platform called Lyris ONE

Lyris, the US marketing automation service provider, has launched a new platform called Lyris ONE. The all caps ONE in

Timing is everything…or not?

For a while, there has been the assumption of certain sweet spot moments per day to send out an

Email as primary marketing channel, not a last resort

Just recently I heard about a company that quit their email marketing for a very strange reason: business was doing

Helping Klout improve its email marketing score

Yes, Klout is having a bit of a low email marketing score, probably about 10 or 20 if we use

Email Marketing Insight: advanced email marketing means total integration

Remember the Email Marketing Insight post ‘How are your basic email marketing skills?‘. I posed that advanced email marketing was

Know your customers and know them well

Recently I wrote about the value of an email. The post was about an email costing you more, so you

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