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Twitter email design: animated and colorful

Recently Twitter announced the new group DM functionality. To promote the new functionality, the company sent out an email. Very

Twitter Worldcup promotion: an animated second round

Twitter has been switching up its email marketing campaigns. This time: Twitter Worldcup promotion. They have taken time to promote

Email Marketing Design Week: Gucci

Gucci has very recently sent out a message combining two important things in email marketing design: purpose and aesthetics. The

Email marketing design winner: Sephora new website introduction with animation

This week’s email marketing design winner is Sephora’s new website launch intro email, which includes a nice animation. The animation

Toy Story 3 in email: it's animated allright

Upon posting by Anna Yeaman from Stylecampaign, I couldn’t resist on putting this in the spotlight. It’s a beautifully designed

Hermès: a fruitful animation

Hermès, the famous French fashion house, delighted me recently with a beautiful subtly animated email. The graphic inside is animated

Holland America Line – subtle animation enriches email

In their most recent email, cruise ship company Holland America Line puts in a very subtle animation to draw attention.

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