acquired by West Venture Capital

Today we announce the acquisition by West Venture Capital of the email marketing website for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition includes all assets within the property.
Full terms of the acquisition were unknown at the moment of the announcement.
Adam West, president of West Venture Capital, is delighted to add the email marketing news and education website to his company’s product portfolio.
“I am very happy to say that Remy Bergsma (owner of agreed to our proposal. It was a tough negotiation but very much worth it. We see a bright future for email marketing, and any web property that promotes and educates about email marketing should be supported with sufficient funds and business expertise to be able to grow.”
Relaunched on January 19th this year as, the email marketing news website started out as email marketing blog back in 2009. Over the years, many topics, news and insights regarding email marketing have been posted and discussed on the blog. These includes topics like email design, campaign management, email clients and deliverability. Related marketing topics have also received attention, including marketing automation, SEO, AdWords, social media and others. acquired by West Venture Capital – what will change?

At the moment it’s unclear what the next steps are for will stay independent, but will receive funding to expand its team and educational expertise. This could mean the expansion of types of content offered in the future, including the option of email marketing courses, books, webinars and more. owner Remy Bergsma was unavailable for comment on the acquisition at his island retreat.


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