Email Marketing Rules book launched by Chad White (formerly of The Retail Email Blog)

A new email marketing book titled ‘Email Marketing Rules: How to Wear a White Hat, Shoot Straight, and Win Hearts’ has been launched by Chad White. You can buy it for the Kindle here on Amazon. If the name Chad White doesn’t ring a bell: he’s the former editor of The Retail Email Blog, an excellent email marketing blog focusing on retail email marketing. Chad switched employers earlier this year, heading to ExactTarget from Responsys. He is now the  the Principal of Marketing Research at ExactTarget.
The book is accompanied by a website, where Chad has already been blogging on several email marketing related subjects. Here’s his post announcing the book.
A quote from the website about the book:

Through 108 easy-to-understand rules, Email Marketing Rules is your guide to understanding the practices that lead to spectacular results, while steering you clear of potential trouble. While beginner-friendly and a great training tool, the book’s crisp dissection of best practices will help even seasoned veterans make tactical improvements that boost the performance of their email programs.

Chad noted in a tweet that writing a book on email does make one respect other authors in that area more:

Having written Email Marketing Rules, I now have even more respect for email authors @djwaldow @SimmsJenkins @EmailDaniels @jeannieymullen

We wish Chad good luck with the book, and can’t wait to get a hold of it to read it!


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