WhichTestWon posts 2012 Email Test Awards Hall of Fame

whichtestwon_email_marketing_testingThe people over at WhichTestWon.com have posted their 2012 Email Test Awards Hall of Fame. It includes no less than 23 email marketing case studies of testing factors like timing/frequency, pre-header texts, subject line tests and more.
The case studies allow you to put your predicting cap on and see whether you can predict the winner correctly.
For those who don’t know WhichTestWon: the website gives visitors the opportunity to predict (after seeing two options) which of the options has won: after the prediction you can see the actual results.
Even for seasoned marketers it can be surprising to sometimes see one of the options win which you suspected to totally lose: a great reminder that predicting results is one thing, but actual results from thorough testing is another.
If you’d like to give the hall of fame contenders a go, be quick about it: free access ends after July 31st.
edit: right after this post went live, the folks at WhichTestWon had to deactivate the voting system: so no voting for you right now. The cases are still available for viewing though! If the voting system is up again, ignore this paragraph 🙂

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