Want to receive less email?

Want to receive less email? That was the subject line of an email I recently received from a travel/hotel website called Hotelspecials.nl.
Here’s the full email:
The snippet on top says: ‘do you prefer a bit less?’ Where the CTA below the ‘want to receive less email?’ says ‘Yes please!’.
This is quite unique in the email marketing industry as far as I know. Sure, quite a few companies allow you to change the desired frequency of emails received. For instance once a week or once a month. But this is (one of) the first I received that explicitly stated that you can choose to receive less email.
The CTA leads you to this page:
This landing page for your ‘number to receive’ email settings shows three options:
– Once a week + last minute, which apparently is the default
– Once a week
– Once every two weeks
The last two options have an asterisk, where the asterisk text says: ‘Important: when you select this option, you won’t receive any last minute offer newsletters anymore.’ Very subtle but clear.
On the left of that screenshot you can see ‘Pauzeren’, which is Pause: you can apparently pause the newsletters, which is a feature not often offered by email sending companies.
I do wonder what the thought was behind this dedicated frequency check email. Hotelspecials.nl did not comment in detail about it when I talked to them about it on Twitter, only that they were happy it was appreciated.
To proactively seek out frequency changes by subscribers can mean that the company either sees little interactivity from the regular frequency of emails (which is roughly 2 times a week, sometimes 3), or that there have been too many unsubscribes because of frequency too high. To stem the tide they may have chosen this option, which puts the subscriber directly in power over the frequency of the newsletter and special offers.
Normally I don’t talk about Dutch email marketing examples here, but this one with the ‘want to receive less email?’ question was quite unique, so I decided to write about it. Have you come across any examples? Tell it through the comments or on Twitter.

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