Twitter Tailored Audiences announced by MailChimp

MailChimp has announced the availability of Twitter Tailored Audiences. Paid MailChimp customers can use it together with Twitter Ads to export a list to Twitter for sending that list targeted tweets.
First of all you need to connect a Twitter account to your MailChimp account. The integration allows to either use a single Twitter handle, or multiple handles if you have multiple lists or are an agency. Twitter will not directly match email addresses for privacy reasons, but they are matched by cryptographically comparing hashed representations of those email addresses. The minimum list size to export to Twitter for Twitter Ads is 500.
When the connection has been set up, the export option will offer a ‘to Twitter Tailored Audiences ‘ option. After naming the segment and exporting it, you’ll receive an email when it’s done.

Twitter Tailored Audiences: creating Promoted Tweets campaigns for the exported list

Next up is the part of the promoted tweets on Twitter. This will take anywhere between two to five hours according to the article. The tailored audiences created will be available for either promoted accounts or promoted tweets. When creating a new Twitter campaign, you can select your Twitter tailored audience under Targeting. By selecting Lists you can view the available lists, including the one you exported from MailChimp.
Back to the privacy part. The article notes that Twitter users are able to opt out of promoted tweets in their accounts. Furthermore, Twitter will never be able to view the email addresses you share with the platfrom from your MailChimp account.
Lastly, the blog posts mentions the Twitter Lead Generation Card. This Twitter feature allows for creating tweets that in turn allows people to subscribe to your email marketing lists.
You can read the announcement about the Twitter Tailored Audiences on the MailChimp blog here.


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