Trustifi to receive patent for Postmarked Email

Email is used for many things nowadays, but some industries still rely on paperwork for communications. This has to do with legal stuff and reliability of communications being delivered. Email still gets lost once in a while. Trustifi has a solution however, called Postmarked Email. According to SFGate, they will receive a patent from the USPTO for it.
Their solution works as follows:

Postmarked Email is a service that digitally signs email with an electronic time stamp securely synchronized with the atomic clock at the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), an agency of the United States Department of Commerce. Trustifi provides legal proof of sending, by means of a time-stamped record that an email, containing specific content and attachments, was transmitted to specific email addresses at a specific date and time.

Statements, bills and notices sent out by companies via email can be legally backed because of this, which will mean a lot less paperwork for those corporations working towards a paperless office.
Will the classic dream of a paperless office get closer with this? Maybe, at least it’s a step into the right direction. Transactional messages as well as bills and invoices are already being sent out by many companies to save on paperwork and administration.

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