Trend report: State of email marketing in travel industry

The state of email marketing in travel industry is a new trend report released by the team at Skift.
The report is not available as PDF, but as a new online responsive HTML5-version. In the report, the focus of the research is on email marketing and how companies go about creating and distributing their content via email marketing to the consumer.
Included in the report on the state of email marketing in travel industry are the following topics:

  • E-mail and travel brands: tools, trends, and outreach
  • Personalization and targeting
  • Outreach constraints: Avoiding digital ‘chatter’
  • Crafting content, competing for signal
  • Case study: Best Western (by Lucy Maher)
  • Millennials and e-mail travel marketing
  • Legacy challenges, contemporary changes: the state of spam
  • Insights & strategies

A quote from the executive summary on email marketing in travel industry:

If travel brands create compelling content, subscribers want that narrative in their inboxes. It has to find them, however, in just the right way. Optimization across different device types now goes hand-in-hand with content, and travel brands must align their e-mails (and landing pages) with the different sizes and shapes of the screens that their recipients use.
All of this being the case, the very concept of e-mail may be shifting. Consumers exist more accurately, perhaps, not in a world of neatly divided e-mails, texts, social-media posts, app notifications, and alerts but in a world of pushed content. In other words, the traveler may not care exactly how an airline’s or hotel’s message comes to them, only that it does. And they may well want it to come to them in multiple ways, all at once.

An example of the report can be found here, which is about content marketing in the travel industry.
The full report on the state of email marketing in travel industry can be bought via a subscription and viewed at the Skift-site via this link.


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