Stick to email marketing, says Forrester research: social channels result in 1% of purchases

email_is_more_popular_than_social_mediaFor all those people promoting social media as a nice channel for generating online purchases this must come as bad news: just 1% of purchases is influenced by social media, a Forrester research shows. Stick to email marketing, I say!
To clarify: less than 1% of online purchases comes from social media channels: in contrast, no less than 39% comes from paid or organic search. For the research, Forrester looked at some 77,000 consumer orders placed over a period of two weeks in April of this year.
A quote from the report:

  • Multiple platforms influence many buyers. While 33% of transactions by new customers involve more than one trackable touchpoint, 48% of repeat customers visit multiple trackable touchpoints. The most popular platforms include organic search, paid search, and email.
  • Email and direct traffic matter for frequent customers. Thirty percent of transactions by repeat customers start with an email from the retailer, and an additional 30% type the retailer’s URL directly into a browser.
  • Social tactics are not meaningful sales drivers. Forty-eight percent of consumers reported that social media posts are a great way to discover new products, brands, trends, or retailers, but less than 1% of transactions could be traced back to trackable social links.

You can find the press item about the report on the Forrester website here.

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