Email spam volume drops to historically low levels

The email spam volume worldwide has dropped to the lowest in the past three years, according to the Symantec November Intelligence Report:

Biggest sources for spam worldwide is still the USA with 28%, while india is at 9% and Russia at 5.7%. Overall spam has dropped to 70.5% of total email volume, down 3.7% from last October.
Some very effective ways of bringing spammers and complete networks sending spam (called botnets) down have been to make sure computer systems are better protected or cut off from internet until they are, and getting credit card companies and banks to stop do business with spammers.
The trouble with spammers however is that they will always find other or new ways to reach an audience that will participate in their schemes. Both comment spam and especially spam on social media networks has been getting bigger in recent years: for instance Twitter is plagued on a daily basis with spam accounts doing useless mentions with links on the platform.

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