Return Path launches ISP anti-phishing program with AOL,Yahoo and others

Return Path, the email marketing certification and reputation monitoring company, has launched a new ISPs anti-phishing program together with a group of large companies in the industry.
Those companies include AOL, Libero, Microsoft, Yahoo!, UOL and Synacor. The new program was announced during the M3AAWG (Messaging/Malware/Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group) 25th general meeting.
The purpose of the new anti-phising program is to accelerate the adoption of the DMARC email authentication standard.
Included in the program are the following:

  • Email Authentication and DMARC deployment assistance, implementation guides and primers
  • Assistance with authentication report generation on both inbound/outbound emails
  • ISP brand protection against spear phishing – Return Path helps ISPs implement outbound email authentication combined with in-bound DMARC policy enforcement to help prevent spear phishing of their own brand.
  • Protection of ISP Customers against the effect of phishing attacks
  • Improved Trust in the Email Platform

For more information, read the full press release at the Return Path website.

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