Return Path Inbox Preview service updated

The Return Path Inbox Preview service has been updated. Just like the Litmus email previews service, the Return Path Inbox Preview allows you to view your email campaigns in several email clients.
In the case of Inbox Preview from Return Path, the service has seen a few updates. One of the updates involves more preview options. These include the Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad and Android. All of those are available in portrait and landscape email previews. Also, the interface has been redesigned to allow for an easier workflow.
Besides more email clients to preview email campaigns in, the service now has recommendations built in. The recommendations are given on email client specific HTML coding issues. This helps in sorting out certain pesky rendering issues. Anyone involved in HTML email template creation runs into these errors sooner or later. If there is help available to fix it quickly, which saves a lot of digging and trial and error time, so much the better.
Here’s what the Optimizer Results screen looks like with code information and code warnings:
You can read the post about the updated Return Path Inbox Preview by Margarita Golod on the Return Path Blog here.

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