More room for email marketing, less room for spam: spam rates drop 25% in 2 years

email_marketing_spam_canGood news everyone! Over the past two years, spam levels have dropped about 25%! That’s great news for email marketing because this gives room for the messages people truly want to arrive in their inbox! It has been dropping for a while, but the decline is now quite significant.
One of the main reasons spam has been dropping is because of the cleaning up of botnets, which play(ed) a significant role in sending out large quantities (billions and billions) of spam messages.
Another reason is tougher laws and subsequent list checking and data cross-referencing, which enables people to clean out and shut out the bots as well as having email marketers living on the edge change their ways and become law abiding citizens. Don’t forget DMARC as well, the newly introduced standard of domain authentication.

Third, spam filters have really matured in recent years, with some even becoming very tight on even legitimate email. This is sadly a result of spam still finding ways into the inbox sometimes: but if it can be beaten down into a trickle or even stopped altogether, spammers will leave this area of crime and go for something else. Yaay!

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