MarketingSherpa posts chart: chief challenges on email marketing success

A new chart by MarketingSherpa shows the current chief challenges on email marketing success. One that jumps out as the biggest challenge is sending messages with relevant content to subscribers: all others are smaller challenges comparatively. Those should not be underestimated though: they include improving deliverability, quantifying email marketing ROI and lacking an actual email marketing strategy.
The six biggest challenges in statistical overview per channel:

One other challenge that stands out is getting people to opt-in to email lists: this is one of the primary processes in an email marketing program and should be covered as far ahead as possible. The breadth of channels for people where they can opt-in should be as big as possible too: be it in stores, on one or several websites, via social media or otherwise: every channel and contact moment should give the option to opt-in, therefor maximizing the opt-in results.

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