Marketing technology landscape boom: 1,876 companies in 43 categories

We’ve recently featured the email marketing software landscape by Fluent: an image depicting all the companies involved in certain parts of email marketing.
Looking at the broader spectrum however we can see a big marketing technology landscpae boom: in total, there’s 1,876 companies active in 43 categories.
Here’s the full overview  of all the categories in the marketing technology landscape:
The marketing technology landscape supergraph above was created by Scott Brinker. A large resolution version of the graphic can be found here.
The above low-res version might make it difficult to discern any company or even category, but as you can see there are many main and niche categories.
Focusing on the email marketing landscape, we see the following companies:
Even that category is crowded, which means there’s a lot of business in email marketing. This is a good thing of course. With recent marketing automation and email marketing companies being acquired, it seemed a few big players would remain. IBM with Silverpop, Salesforce with ExactTarget (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud) Oracle with Eloqua and the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The broader marketing technology landscape however allows for many companies doing its business.
But as the email marketing landscape above and the one posted earlier shows, many companies and agencies of all sizes and shapes exist in the market. For companies either just starting out in email marketing or growing into bigger, better email marketing campaigns and tools, there’s enough to choose from.
Innovation in email marketing is a challenge, but there are quite a few startup companies and companies that have been around for longer trying to carve out a piece of the market for themselves. Whether it’s real-time or video email content, localized offers in email, hyper personalization or other innovative options: the industry as a whole is on a roll. This is not just true for email marketing, but for the whole of the marketing technology landscape. As shown above, it’s becoming bigger every year and shows no signs of slowind down.


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