Listrak study: Retailer gets more personal, less promotional

A new Listrak study involving the email marketing programs in 2014 of the top 1,000 retailers in North America shows that they are using more personalization and offering fewer discounts.
List building has become the focus of internet retailers as well, having them pursue new subscribers in many ways. However, mobile shoppers are still left out according to the Listrak study.

Listrak study: facts and figures

Among the findings in the Listrak study is the fact that 22.2% more of the Top 500 retailers sent personalized emails in 2014, and 7.5% more in the Second 500. More retailers are using product recommendations in email increasing the level of engagement and personalization.
When it comes to product ratings, only 5.8% of the Top 500 retailers put them in their email campaigns while 77.7% of them display them on their websites. Even so, that 5.8% is an increase of 70.5% over 2013. Also, 55% of Second 500 retailers show ratings and reviews and 6.2% used them in e-mail campaigns, an increase of 31.9%.
When it comes to discounts, of the Top 500 retailers only 18.1% offered a discount in the first email, down 39.3% from 2013; 39.5% in the second email, down 22.2%; and 48.8% in the third message, a decline of 38.8%.
For Second 500 retailers the figures were: 16.1% offering a discount in the first e-mail, a decrease of 50.1%; 56.1% in the second email, down 11.4%; and 69.6% in the third email, down 9.6%. In the fourth follow-up email 41.6% of Top 500 retailers and 58% of Second 500 retailers offered a discount in 2014, according to the report, which did not provide comparable 2013 figures for the fourth email in the sequence.
The full Listrak study report can be downloaded at their website.

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