2 thoughts on “Knotice mobile email opens report notes rising mobile share to 27%

  1. Good benchmarks from Knotice and their reports are worth checking out.
    The conclusion Knotice made that ‘People do not open their emails on multiple devices’, is misleading.
    Consumers ONLY read on multiple devices if the email is of interest and if they want to complete the action later on with a different device.
    So if the ‘interest rate’ is around the click rate, say 5% and 50% of the emails can be actioned on the initial read device, that means 2.5% of emails are read on multiple devices. Whilst a small number its the most important part of the list – those who wanted the offer in the email. So it would be wrong to stop thinking about multiple device use.

  2. Adding to my last comment one further point is that even when an email is not opened on multiple devices, as to which one it is opened on can’t be known.
    The Knotice stats don’t provide any device propensity analysis. That is, does a mobile email user tend to use exclusively mobile or mix device. Such that you don’t know how your email will first be viewed. My expectation is mixed.
    However its diced the conclusion is the same.
    Expect your email to be read on different devices.
    Make sure the user experience is acceptable across devices
    Make the destination of the email click work for multiple devices too.

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