Happy New Year from Emailblog.eu!

Hi everyone! Wishing all of you a happy new year. Here’s to all of you, the visitors, supporters, contributors and fans of Emailblog.eu! Let’s make 2015 a true happy new year and an exciting and great year for email marketing. Be it with the good ol’ newsletter or with highly advanced email marketing campaigns: make it the best year ever.
Good luck and keep email marketing going!
For a little throwback, check out this YesMail email marketing benchmark study from 2014, and this oldie but goldie crowded inboxes blogpost. Did you suffer from a crowded inbox during the holidays? Or did you have a tight grip on all the email 🙂
Also, last year I did an Email Marketing Design Week feature, where I featured several email marketing design campaigns on the blog. I’m planning to do one (or maybe more!) this year as well.
If you haven’t read up on email clients, a few email client news posts in 2014 included the new Inbox by Gmail email client, the new Gmail layout and more.

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