Google email targeting to be introduced this year

According to Adexchanger, Google email targeting will be introduced soon.  It is comparable to Facebook custom audiences, where you as a marketer provide Google with email addresses and Google targets them with ads.
The new ad product is expected to be ready to market later this year or early 2016.
At first, the ads targeted to email audiences would only be inserted into search results, and not in digital display locations.
The article at Adexchanger does not go into any detail about how this would work for marketers, but it does note the following:

“The data could also help both Google and advertisers better understand the relationship between online ads and consumers’ real-world activities and purchases,” t

Whether Google remarketing is possible or not with the use of email addresses is unknown as of yet.
The fact that Google email targeting will be introduced later this year (or at its latest, in early 2016) seems to solidify the fact that just search ads or remarketing alone won’t cut it. A while ago, Google was testing direct email subscriptions from the search result pages. That hasn’t received a followup yet though. However, one of the more recent changes to the SERPs (search engine result pages) was the addition of a search bar in search results.
The addition of email targeting could be an effective tool in the marketer’s toolbox when it comes to Google advertising. We’ll see how things will play out once it’s introduced.

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