Good news everyone: We're back (finally)!

Good news everyone! After a long hiatus of over 2 months, we’re back in action. Posting will resume this week, and we’ll post a few times a week as before. We’ve been off the map for a while for several reasons, but we’re getting down to the nitty gritty again.
What can you expect? Things that we have lined up, researching or collecting right now include email marketing industry news, interviews with rising and/or new email marketing companies and more. For example, a new interview will be done with Vivek Sharma and posted here. You might remember him from Movable Ink, the live email content company. I interviewed him nearly two years ago: it’s time for an update on how things are!
Good News Everyone
Other than that, the world of email has not been quiet over the past few months. How are the email clients doing? What about responsive email design? What’s up with those new Gmail tabs? More on that coming later on. Stay tuned for new posts soon! Thanks for being patient with us so far – this patience will be rewarded, that’s for sure.

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