Funny video – Email in real life

Have you ever wondered what email in real life would be like? The cc’s, the attachements, the signatures?
Surely you haven’t shouted out a response to a coworker in recent conversations like this, right?
Comedy duo Tripp and Tyler made a great video where lots and lots of email conversation situations are acted out.
The video:

Many, many situations are recognizable. See which ones are most recognizable to your from this email in real life video:

  • An out of office reply
  • A reply to all where a reply to one would suffice
  • An automatic, lengthy signature
  • “Here’s that report you needed” …without an attachement
  • ALL CAPS and smileys ;}
  • Personal emails (from mom!) in work inbox
  • A Nigerian prince who is the next heir to the throne…right
  • ‘Other’ spam
  • Files that are too large to attach to emails
  • A disclosure about the contents of an email
  • A full inbox (both you and/or a recipient of your email!)
  • Including the wrong people in a group email conversation (about poker, no less)

In the end, it’s a promotion for Workfront. a company geared towards making work more efficient.
If you enjoyed that email in real life video a lot, be sure to watch the outtakes below. Two more minutes of fun and email.

For a bit of email etiquette, check out ‘Should I send this email?‘ where you get to decide with a flowchart whether it is a good idea to send that email or not.
Remember: it’s all about checks. Check whether you really attached that document. Check whether your document is not too big. Check whether you are sending your email to the right people. Don’t give your work email address to your mom. And so on. Good luck!


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