Facebook vs email: email wins according to survey

According to survey results in which over 500 working adults participated, Facebook or other social media platforms are not their tool of choice for information or communication. Rather, email rules their working life. So when it comes to Facebook vs email, email still very much wins.
The survey conducted by Pew Research Center showed that just 4% of the respondents voted social networks their go-to tools for communication and information. However, email took first place easily with 61%. Second was the internet while third the good ol’ landline phones.
Facebook vs email: email wins according to the survey
While landline phones may seem odd for some of the more internet savvy people, they are still a mainstay for office-based people.
The report on AllFacebook further notes that blocked access to certain websites or platforms¬†can further hamper the ‘love’ for social networks in the office.
Lastly, when it comes to productivity, 7% the respondents noted that they felt the internet, email and cellular phones caused them to be less productive, while 46 percent noted that they helped them be more productive.


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