ESP buyer's guide 2015 published by The Relevancy Ring

relevancy-ring-ESP-buyer's-guide-2015-coverIf you need some assistance in selecting an ESP, the ESP buyer’s guide 2015 by The Relevancy Ring might come in handy. The 2015 edition of the guide was launched recently on their website.
The guide consists of the following:

  • 11 ESPs and Email Infrastructure Providers
  • 43 Pages
  • 19 Charts

The Marketer Quarterly magazine has published an excerpt of the ESP buyer’s guide 2015, including this chart (click for larger):
The chart includes the following ESP’s:
In the Contenders Ring:

  • SailThru
  • PostUp
  • Message Systems
  • WhatCounts
  • Message Gears

In the Leaders Ring:

  • Epsilon
  • Zeta Interactive
  • Experian Marketing Services
  • Yes Lifecycle Marketing
  • IBM Silverpop

The succes metric and placement in either the contenders or the leaders ring is measured by five metrics:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Inbox placement
  • Services capabilities
  • Functionality
  • Innovation

The bubble size in the cart above represent the company size.
The ESP buyer’s guide 2015 contains an ESP vendor profile describing each email marketing vendor in detail. These details include a client take, what’s innovative for the marketer, info about the company and primary and ideal industries.
Also included in the guide is the top priorities of marketers in 2015. Priority number one is improving segmentation and targeting (37%). Priority number two was using real-time data (33%) and improving the use of analytics to optimize communications (also 33%).
You can request the ESP buyer’s guide 2015 on The Relevancy Ring’s website here. Pricing of the guide is set at $1,995.


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