Email on Acid introduces Mozify, say goodbye to image blocking

Email on Acid has announced the availability of Mozify on their blog, a service that allowes you to bypass the image blocking of many email clients. It will be available in private beta for now, as they are still testing the service.
According to the post, no less than 85% of today’s popular email clients block images by default. If you haven’t optimized your email for images off, you might miss quite some conversion action.
This is where Mozify comes into the picture: it creates a HTML mosaic of the images in your email, or formatted HTML text when text is contained in the image.
Here are some examples:

(c) Email on Acid

As you can see, the optimized version which has been run through Mozify is a bit pixelated, but sort of shows a preview of the actual email on the right.
My concern is about email size: I’ve tested with running images through to HTML before like StyleCampaign has, but I’ve ran into email size problems so the idea was abandoned. I wonder whether (and how) Email on Acid has solved the size problem with Mozify.

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