Email marketing with Twitter: Profiles feature product marketing

Recently Twitter introduced the new profiles feature. It allows you to put in a profile picture (much like Facebook’s cover photo) and show your most recently shared photos. Twitter pushed out an email marketing product promo message, but it left me with more questions than answers.
Here’s the full message. Subject line: “Because you have more to show” – how cryptic can you get?
Let’s see what they got right, and what they got wrong:
– The subject line: doesn’t tell me anything about the content. Booh – a teaser is fine, but with a product update?
– Personalization: ok, nothing special.
– Product content: just saying I can put in a header image, browse my photo reel and see other people’s profiles.
– Call to action: a ‘Try it now’  button.
– Support, service pages: pass reset, unsub, prefs and help. Good. Also ‘not my account’.
– Reply address:  – really, I’m not making that up. Come on, it’s 2012. Surely they must be able to use something like or
All in all, an offer of new options that seem like they are just copied from Facebook, and suggesting I should ‘Try it now’. Does it make my (or other people’s) tweets better? Can I find more interesting people to follow with it? I’m both unsure about the message and about the product update being offered.
When they build a way to rank (upvote!) tweets, people (in a better way than Klout, Kred and whatnot) and maybe even hashtags to follow, I’m all for it. But this just seems like a ‘me too’ product update without a true goal or concept behind it. Maybe I’m not too sharp in this, but if anyone can tell the actual use (except having more pixels @ twitter), please do. I always thought of Twitter as one of the simplest, fastest and tightest social media platforms. That thought is diminishing now…

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