Email marketing strategy evolution at Campaign Monitor

Australian email marketing software provider Campaign Monitor has published a retrospective view on their email marketing strategy. As they hit their 10 year anniversary a few months ago, they look back at how their email marketing strategy has evolved over the years as the company grew.
Back at the start, there was no marketing department at Campaign Monitor. This also meant that their email marketing strategy wasn’t very expansive yet. Members of the teams would write content for the blog, and every few months this content would be compiled into a newsletter.
This is one of the early newsletters from Campaign Monitor:
This newsletter design was quite text heavy with many text links as well. Remember, this was in 2005. That newsletter was sent out to just 2,742 people in that year. However, over the years, things have changed quite a bit.

Email marketing strategy evolved: 10 years later

Eventually, with Campaign Monitor growing, they had more budget for an actual marketing department. There are currently 10 people working on the marketing team, and marketing efforts have increased quite a bit over the years.
That newsletter that had just below 3,000 subscribers in 2005 now has over 180,000 subscribers. Talk about list growth! They achieved this with just a footer sign-up box on the website and a small opt-in box at the bottom of their sign-up form.
Campaign Monitor’s email marketing strategy has become focused more on achieving email marketing success rather than just on good design and coding. Those subjects are still present, but building email lists, measuring with Google Analytics and other parts of email marketing success are also included.
As part of their onboarding email series, people get a welcome email. Onboarding emails are meant to get people who create an account (which is free) to actually start to use Campaign Monitor, import lists and send out email campaigns.
Here’s what their welcome email looks like:
The welcome email is focused on helping people with their first steps, offering links to tutorials, guides and help sections. This way, email marketing has become a big part of Campaign Monitor’s onboarding strategy.
You can read the full article on the evolution of Campaign Monitor’s email marketing strategy here.


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