Email marketing infographic 2014 snapshot

DMNews has posted an email marketing infographic which offers a snapshot of the current state of email marketing. The infographic is a teaser for the Direct Marketing News issue of April 2014.
The email marketing infographic:
Some findings so far from the infographic, which has been compiled with data from Ascend 2, ExactTarget, Radicati, Retention Science and Strongview:
The most effective email marketing strategies include compelling content (yaay relevancy!) and personalization / segmentation. Remember, if you are not relevant to your subscribers, why should they care about you? Also, the number of projected email accounts by 2016 is at 4.3 billion: quite a bit more than Facebook’s current 1 billion and something. Currently email is at about 3.3 billion accounts worldwide and growing. Best social network ever!
Also quite notable is the fact that 46% of companies outsource all or part of their email campaigns. This is good news for email marketing agencies and people offering full service email marketing services, but it begs the question whether the outsourcing companies know enough about email marketing to achieve its full potential.
More disturbing news though is that 42% of marketers rarely or never use responsive design in their emails. Disturbing because email is read on so many platforms and devices these days that you can’t get away with a static email campaign design anymore. Responsive email marketing design can go a long way in making sure your message comes across to your subscribers: it’s a shame you put so much time and effort in your email campaigns only to have lukewarm responses because a third or more of the recipients can’t see the message in a proper manner.

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