Email marketing examples: 500px new Portfolios

In our series of email marketing examples, here’s one of 500px’ latest emails announcing their new portfolios. 500px is a photo sharing, selling and publishing platform. It’s an alternative to platforms like Flickr, Smugmug and
Some advantages and strenghts of 500px include their great social integration, a nice iPad app and simple yet effective web UI for uploading and managing photo portfolios. Portfolios are meant for photographers as a professional way to manage their online catalogue of photographs. To expand on our email marketing examples, check out the email below.
Subject line: Announcing New Portfolios‏
Here’s the top part of the email:
And here’s the bottom part:
Notice anything? Pricing of Portfolios is mentioned, with the option to lock in old pricing for current members. Even so, it’s not a salesy email. No big call-to-action buttons, limited offers or such. Just one link to a blog post about the new Portfolios (the image and the last link) as well as a link to upgrading your 500px account. Personalization is done in the top right of the email in a pleasant ‘Hi Remy Bergsma!’ way. We’ve had some email marketing examples that were a lot more salesy than this.
Next to that, you can preview the new Portfolios without having to sign up right away. This saves you from paying or registering for something which might not be to your liking. It helps prevent disappointment for people who didn’t know what to expect.
The footer makes it complete. 3 parts: manage subscription or unsubscribe. Yaay choice! Furthermore, subtle social links on the right. And lastly, three footer links including a help email address, the site and their privacy policy.
All in all, I like this email a lot. Clear message, no fuss, and the blog post containing more details about the new Portfolios is a good followup on the email. Kudos to 500px, keep it up! A nice addition to our email marketing examples gallery.


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