Digital marketing trends for 2015 Infographic

As it is the start of the new year, why not look at expected trends for 2015? Here’s the Digital marketing trends for 2015 infographic, courtesy of Syndacast.
Marketing trends covered in the infographic include mobile optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, social payments, the reinvention of native advertising and, last but certainly not least, repurposing email marketing.
Because many companies create content specifically for email, but people might want to consume that content in a different way than an email. Think of videos, PDFs, eBooks, whitepapers and more.
The Digital marketing trends for 2015 infographic (click for larger version):
The repurposing of email marketing is something I’d like to focus on. While email is great, it’s not always the best medium for everything. Long reads tend to be done better printed (sorry, trees) and not all email markup is printer-friendly. PDF-documents are then a better option, or if people still want to read something digitally, for instance on their e-reader, an e-book or whitepaper is an option.
Also, when a blog article or news item is featured in a newsletter, a certain topic discussed there could be expanded on, worked into a more in-depth document. That would also be too big for an email newsletter. More companies should look at the content they currently have available, and whether topics covered in the content have been explored enough. There could be more content (and types of content) in there just by looking at new developments for example, or inquiries by clients and visitors. This new content in turn can help out those people, and ultimately the company.


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