Daimler employees can auto-delete emails during vacation

The latest in inbox overload, and therefor inbox management: having your inbox auto-delete emails when on vacation. This is the case for Daimler employees in Germany.
It really is like pausing your email communication: leaving for vacation and coming back and having no new emails. No looking at work email from your vacation address anymore: just leave it alone, new email will be delivered when you’re back.
Daimler, which is best known for producing Mercedes cars and trucks, has about 100,000 employees. All of them can set their inboxes to auto-delete emails during their vacation. The sender will then receive a ‘mail on holiday’ notification and gets the option to contact a substitute person.
Quoting Wilfried Porth of the HR division of Daimler:

“Our employees should relax on holiday and not read work-related emails,” said Wilfried Porth, board member for human resources. “With ‘Mail on Holiday’ they start back after the holidays with a clean desk. There is no traffic jam in their inbox. That is an emotional relief.”

I case you are someone who checks their work email on vacation or worse, -has- to check their work email on vacation: point to this article with the hint to roll out a similar process at your office.
There’s still a big difference between work and private: you need private time to relax, recharge and do private things. Family, friends, children and everything else: it allows you to detach from work and refresh.
If you don’t get that downtime, especially when on vacation, your work keeps invading private life when it shouldn’t.
I hope to see other companies follow suit and introduce similar ways of having clean inboxes after vacations: an excellent start after a break which is supposed to get you off work, and on suspended mode.
Read more on the story at The Atlantic here: source


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