Changes coming to more email marketing best practices

As recently noted on Twitter some changes are coming to These includes a focus on email marketing best practices and sharing them in many ways and formats.
Over the past roughtly half year I haven’t posted a lot while I do have some things I want to do with the website in the near and further future.
One of the changes involves the type of content being published here. Besides the blog and news articles you’re used to seeing appear here, I’d like to put more educational and informational content up on the website.
The reason for this change coming to is the following. Though email marketing as a channel and industry has grown quite a bit over the years, many people in marketing still have difficulty understanding some relatively basic principles of email marketing.

airmail email client iOS
Airmail, a recent email client for iOS – one of many developments in email in 2016.

This includes example email marketing best practices , tips and howto’s like the following:

These things can be understood quite quickly by people outside of the ‘loop’ of daily email marketing business when explained in everyday terms.
The way I’d like to explain these things would be in any format that fits the subject:

  • How-to articles on specific email marketing processes or steps
  • A glossary describing all the fancy terms like DMARC, CTO and such
  • Step by step guides for more extensive information on topics
  • Information on email marketing platforms, including ESPs, agencies, suppliers, etc etc
  • Examples in the world of email marketing: be it design-wise, type of email, or type of message

For quite a while, most articles published here have been on industry developments, insights into the way people use email and such. Others included reports, benchmarks and other email marketing statistics, with an opinion attached. Because, without an opinion, anything posted is just information, right?
In any case, I believe that when done the right way, education on email marketing best practices helps everyone in marketing. Not just email marketing people. In the end, it will be better for email marketing as a whole, and in turn (hopefully) delivery better email marketing messages to peoples’ inboxes.
Everybody wins.
TL;DR: more help, info, howto, inspiration. A bit less opinion.
Good luck in 2017, and stay tuned for more.


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