Apple iOS 7: flat design, few changes to Mail app

The new Apple iOS 7 was announced at WWDC yesterday. The new OS includes a complete design overhaul of all menus and icons. It also includes translucency to give a sense of your background or content behind menus and buttons.
An example:
Furthermore, the weather app has been updated, using nifty tap options for more details. Also, it’s easier to switch between weather info from different locations:

Apple iOS 7: what about Mail?

Yes, what about Mail? The good news is, nothing much seems to have changed so far. It’s slicker, tighter and flatter, like the rest of the new Apple iOS 7.
Emails on the new Apple iOS 7 are display flat and you can use gesture to handle emails. For instance, a left swipe allows you to delete an email:

Apple iOS 7: the inbox and inside emails

The inbox itself still shows snippet text:
Photos in emails are shown side to side, as if you’d have made a responsive email where tables flow into a side to side grid:
Finally, a video showing the various Mail screens can be found here on the Apple iOS 7 announcement page.
All in all, not too much changing (yet). We’ll see soon enough whether the update will include updates to the render engine. This would potentially affect email marketers, but so far: it all seems good.

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