2013 Email client market share infographic posted by Litmus

The 2013 email client market share overview has been posted by¬†Litmus in an extensive infographic. The infographic contains the top email clients and opens by desktop, mobile and webmail. One of the biggest changes over the year before is that mobile has passed the 50% mark. But just barely, in this case: it’s at 51%, while desktop sits at 29% and webmail is at 20% as of December 2013. Total increase of mobile email opens over 2013 was at 21%.
You can find the smaller version below: click the image for the full version.
When it comes to mobile opens, a quarter is done on iPhone, with Android slowly climbing to around 12%, where the iPad sits as well. The Apple iPhone is also the most popular email client, just ahead of Outlook which has 14% of the email client market share. Gmail (the webmail client, not the app) has risen in the opens chart as well, but mostly because they implemented the automatic display of images.
Concerning webmail opens, not many things have changed. The only exception is the aforementioned Gmail switch to automatic display of images: this made their market share increase from 3% to 6% in one month. That % means it’s on par now with other webmail providers like Yahoo! Mail and Outlook.com.
You can read the blog post on the 2013 email client market share on the Litmus blog here.


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