No Email Day today – enjoy a day without email!

Today, on 12/12/12, you can enjoy No Email Day – a campaign encouraging people to avoid email for 24 hours. Originally launched on November 11th, 2011 (yes, 11/11/11), this is the second year the campaign will run.
The idea is simple: don’t use email for a full day. And besides that, be sure to spread the word about it. The reason for this is that its creator, Paul Lancaster, had trouble with his inbox and reaching the much coveted inbox zero goal.

Have you become a slave to email? Time to fix it.

After finally reaching inbox zero on December 23rd, 2010 and again in April 2011, he decided to organize a No Email Day on November 11th last year to help people get their minds of email for one full day.
Today is the day the campaign will run for a second time, so if you’ve already received, read or sent an email, you’re already out of the game.
The other purpose of the No Email Day campaign is not just to get people’s mind off email, but do some actual work: get things done! Paul also explains why email is good (in short terms) and why email is bad (in longer terms) so be sure to check out his Slideshare presentation (9 pages) on No Email Day here or view it below.

It also contains tips for better email management, so if you’re suffering from inbox overload once in a while, or even on a regular basis, be sure to check those out.
Happy No Email Day to everyone!

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