New Gmail login: more security, more hassle?

There’s a new Gmail login process in town. Instead of your login and password, you just put in your email address first, then click next:
Then, on the second screen, it shows your image and email address, and you can type your password.
Now, for malicious auto-logins, this could be more secure, as they don’t have double fields on a single input screen to put in (test) email address and password.
However, for a regular user, you want to get stuff done as fast as possible. Logging into a webmail service is often a <click> (enter emailaddress) <tab> (enter password) <enter> process. No need for a mouse click there after the first click. Now, Next needs to be clicked to continue the login process. This means more hassle, and is not in the best interest of the best user experience.
People over at the Google System blog (not an offical blog) picked it up too, and aren’t too happy with it, according to the comments there.
The new Gmail login means people who use the webmail interface often to log in need to adjust their ways. Logging in so often means it has become a habit, and habits don’t die easily. ¬†After all, Gmail has been around for over 10 years now, and even though the interface of the webmail service itself has changed considerably over time, the login process has stayed quite the same all these years.
Time will tell if there’s a deeper meaning to the new Gmail login screen, or that they are just testing new ways of going through the login process.


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