Microsoft to be replaced by Office 365

If you’ve gotten used to as an email client, hold on to your hat. It is going to be replaced by Office 365.
This year, Microsoft will start migrating all users to the Office 365 platform, according to an article on The Verge. This includes both the platform and the interface.
The reason behind the migration is to have Microsoft Outlook, Exchange (the server side of Microsoft email) and Office 365 platforms aligned. Because of this, the interface of will change in a few ways. Here’s an example of what it could look like:
Microsoft to be replaced by Office 365
Microsoft moved its webmail service from the Hotmail brand name to back in 2012. In the recent past, hasn’t seen many updates, while Gmail has been finetuning its interface and released a new email client called Inbox by Gmail last year. In terms of finetuning, Gmail recently dropped the Grid View in the Promotions tab,
Microsoft to be replaced by Office 365 is a big change, and changes to its web interface will mean users need to get used to it again, after the switch from Hotmail to
It is expected that the interface of will also get some of the looks of Outlook Web App of Office 365, which already looks a bit like The switch for the users will not be that big, in this case.
Time will tell how will look and work, and of course, how it will render emails, which is one of the main concerns for the email marketing industry and email designers.

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