Inky, the revolutionary email client for inbox zero fans?

Inky is a new desktop based email client designed to help people get through email faster. Its features include the following:

  • Sorting emails by relevance (sent by people close to you, shown by a blue drop  more blue = more relevant)
  • Smart views: sort email by type (personal, social updates, daily deals etc)
  • Many types of email accounts supported (Gmail, Apple,, Yahoo!)
  • Easy syncing, multiple inboxes (called unified inbox) and more

Inky, it’s a bit like…

Inky email client’s interface looks like this:
inky revolutionary email client
When I saw the interface, it immediately reminded me of Fluent, a web-based email client currently still in private beta, which looks like this and has similar features:

See also this post for a description of Fluent. I’ve also conducted an email interview with one of the Fluent founders: you can find that article here.
With its feature set of relevance, smart views and multiple inboxes it seems destined to be used by power users: people who handle more than dozens of emails everyday. If your daily email load is low, Inky won’t add much to your email handling compared to the email client you currently use.

Pump down that volume

The thing with a new email client like Inky destined to handle big volumes of email doesn’t answer or handle the core question: trimming down that big email volume. Because crowded inboxes, no matter how deftly organized, will not make you spend less time on email: less email will however.
If you have multiple inboxes and you like a desktop email client which presents itself as a unified inbox, by all means, give Inky a try. But if not, it won’t make your life that much better or easier as far as I can judge by its feature-set. Also, reducing email volume will help more than hopping onto a different email client altogether.


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