Inbox Pro: there's a waiting list for your email

inbox_proTheNextWeb’s Boris has built a new service called Inbox Pro, which supposedly handles waiting time for email senders.
In the announcement on TheNextWeb, Paul Graham is quoted in proposing to ‘replace email’. He explained that email was not invented to work the way we use it now.
Several inbox management tools are mentioned in the article, like SaneBox,  Gmail’s Priority Inbox and Apple’s VIP feature. However, Boris notes that all those items are meant for the email receiver to handle big email volumes.
The way Inbox Pro is meant to work is like this:
The receiver asks the sender to classify their emails. By following a link, they can select from these options:
1: Yes/No question:
2: FYI Message
3: Short Message
4: Long Message
The email that contains the link to those options also contains information about average reply time by the receiver – Boris notes that his inbox stats are like this: my inbox contains 325 emails and that it takes an average of 3 days, 7 hours and 47 minutes for me to reply to emails.
Also, Inbox Pro has an ‘Expire’ function: this means that, after a certain time an email has gone unanswered, it will expire, meaning someone has been too busy to answer the email. It will be moved to an ‘Expired’ box and the sender will be notified, giving them the option to change the format, move it back into the queue or delete it and make a call.
I’m not sure about the outcome of a service like this: in a way it would create more email (at least for the initial senders) instead of less, but then again: they know what they’re dealing with in terms of response time and type of responses being returned.
If you’d like to sign up for the beta, head over to the website and do so.

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