Inbox overload: Atos notes employees can spend up to two days a week on email

The BBC has posted a video on their website about inbox overload. In this case, the first part of the video is about Atos, the French company which is ditching email in favor of another internal communications tool. The replacement includes a Facebook-style bulletin board, which is always on.
In case you don’t remember, back in November 2011 there was quite some disbelief when Atos announced it would be banning internal email for more than 70,000 employees.
In the video, Roland Zeilbeck of Atos notes that reading email (at the company) can take up to two days a week in total! The new internal communications platform has different workspaces for teams and allows for new messages to be directly shown on an employee’s personal dashboard. This way, there’s no inbox overload to worry about anymore.

Not everyone can handle a lot of email well.

I wonder if any other companies besides Atos have recently decided to give up on internal email and select another platform for communications. In case you handle a lot of email at your office, what tricks do you have up your sleeve to stay on top of it? Let us know in the comments. Who knows you could inspire or help others manage their inboxes better and prevent inbox overload. If you use Sanebox or Inbox Pro or something else, we’d like to know your experiences with that too and include it in a future post.

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